Geneva during Fall – My favourite season


Imagine waking up on a chilly autumn day with a hot cup of coffee snuggled in your frosty hands and gazing at the silent gleaming Geneva lake and the Salève mountains standing tall and the gigantic Alps smiling at you. This is one of my favourite memories from my life in Geneva, Switzerland. In Fall, the leaves start turning brown and slip off the trees as the wind gushes through this pretty little valley. Walking on the streets with leaves and little branches strewn around, the wind blowing on your face and almost swishing you around and you dance your way to work. Almost like a Van Goh portrait and a perfect postcard for friends and family back home.

Geneva is very mystical in Fall. There is this hush with the reminiscence of summer in the air. Women in stylish boots and men looking schmick in their debonair jackets from the Fall Winter collection clatter on the cobbled streets of the Old town to grab a quick pain au chocolat and chocolat chaud before going into their offices. The Old Town, with all its charm looks picturesque and busy with the Church bells ringing and the trams buzzing between the streets.  The Geneva lake proudly hosts its boisterous Jet D’Eau reaching sky-high and the lake side is filled with young and old splashing the last rays of sunshine on their faces.

It is also time for the pumpkin patches to be re-visited and children to go apple picking in the charming farms. The Canton of Vaud is host to several pretty farms and is ready for harvest. Just driving along the lake road with the lake on one side and the green and brown landscape on the other, takes you to wonderland. You sit on a park bench and enjoy the luxurious view of cappuccino clouds kissing the Alps and you are amazed by this beauty showcased in front of you while sitting next to a special someone.

At night, you take a walk along the Quai de Mont Blanc and find your way to a lovely restaurant called, La Perle Du Lac which literally means, the pearl of the lake and sit by the window overlooking the lake reflecting the Geneva night lights and order a buttery Filet de féra du Lac Léman with a glass of white wine and end your meal with the delectable Tarte au Citron or a delicate Mousse au Chocolat.

At the end of the night, you can hear the wind howling outside and the windows echoing the sounds of a windy night. Fall is the most beautiful, painting-like season and every image you see in Geneva, be it in a park with little kids playing in their colourful coats or by the lake where an old couple walk hand in hand or outside a busy pub with women in fishnet stockings, red lips and short skirts, hair flying on their faces a glass of wine in one hand, is like a postcard. This is the Geneva I love the most and miss too!